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Velocity Athletic Training Media
Veocity Athletic Training Media
Velocity Athletic Training Media

My Story

Education -

Graduate - Woodroffe High - Ottawa, Ontario Grade 12 & 13
University of Ottawa - various interest courses - Business Law, Criminal Law, Sociology, Economics, Psychology and Marketing.
SFU - Open Learning - 3 years Kinesiology / Nutrition
SFU - Open Learning - 3 months Introduction to Religious Studies (personal interest)
Alive Academy - Applied Nutrition Diploma
Douglas College - Fitness Knowledge, Weight Training
UBC - Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists - CSEP-CFC
Vancouver Film School - Graduate Full-Time Acting (personal interest)
Certificate Achievements:
    Fitness Knowledge
    Weight Training
    Personal Training
    Strength and Conditioning Coach
    SPIN (Keiser)
    Third Age
    Aqua Fit
    Aerobic Instruction
    First Aid and CPR
    Reiki Level One
Participated in -
The Labatt 24 hr. Relay Race - Royal Bank of Canada Team - Ottawa, Ontario
 The Nordion 10K Run - Ottawa, Ontario Time: 53 minutes 1st year 40 minutes 2nd year
 Fundraising Event - Aerobics for Research - Ottawa Civic Hospital - Eating Disorder Clinic
 University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Featured in -
    CHRO-TV Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Various Newspapers in Ottawa, Ontario & British Columbia Canada
Fitness Columnist -
Canadian Healthstyle Magazine
    VIVA Magazine
    Langley Times
Causes I care about -
    Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
    Human Rights
Volunteer in the Community
Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia Canada (ISSofBC) 2015/2016
City of Langley (Adopt a Street Program) 2001

 Photo Shoots/ Model

Velocity Athletic Training Media
Velocity Athletic Training Media


  Layla Smolock, President - Personal Trainer to the Corporate Elite.

        M  E  D  I  A

The only way to achieve anything in life is to mentally tell yourself - Get up and Do It!

                                     Layla  ox

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My Story - I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. My family is a fairly large one and I am blessed to have been raised around so much Love! My parents were successful and hardworking entrepreneurs, they owned a restaurant, serving Pizza and Grub Style Meals.  At the age of 10 years old, I had no choice but to take on the leadership role as mom and dad for my two siblings. Some evenings we spent with our grandparents (bless their souls) I consider them my second set of parents, I miss them dearly.
While at my grandparents’ home, I witnessed my grandfather practice healing on many people. He would lay his hands on a client, close his eyes and pray. As a child, I would question - "What is he doing and why?" My grandmother would stand beside him and wipe away the sweat rolling down his face. They reminded me of a doctor and nurse working together to heal a patient.
Throughout grades 4 -7, I enjoyed the art of moving my body in Sport. I played, Baseball, Volley Ball, Floor Hockey, you name it, I played it, with lots of ENERGY!!!  I carried this energy well into high school and in Grade 13, was nicknamed by coach "The Arabian Stallion" for my running speed on the Relay Team. Throughout this journey, I recall a one to one conversation I had with my grandfather. I had asked him - "Why do you lay your hands on people, close your eyes and pray?"  He replied - "I pray to heal them, to put the light around them and into them. One day you will be doing the same, as I pass this gift to you. It is a gift from the highest of power - God. You are Athletic for a reason, this is to prepare your body for the work, to prepare your body to be strong, to prepare your mind to be strong and most importantly to keep your spirit strong."
Shortly after this conversation with my grandfather, I found employment at a Fitness Facility and the rest is history! My career expanded into Management, Consulting work for corporations both within Canada and abroad, I have been featured in Media and have written Fitness Columns for local newspapers and magazines.
In May of 2002, I had decided to register for Reiki Level One. My instructor interviewed me for two hours. After the two hours, she said - "Layla you are a Master. I will certify you for level one only. Your grandfather has passed along a precious gift and has made you a Master at what you do, this is your journey, continue on my friend."
I now own and operate my very own space (VAT Training Room), one in which I have initiated the energy of Love, a beautiful emotion to be surrounded by, one I grew up with. And of Healing, a gift passed on to me from my grandfather. One in which I pass on to my clients. One client at a time. No Gimmicks. No far out promises of accelerated weight-loss in a short amount of time. My policy is honesty.

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