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Corporate FITT Retreats

Does the Stress of the Corporate World have a hold on you? It seems to follow you around to no end, Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

Has your doctor recommended to begin a Fitness Regime or to hire a Personal Trainer? Due to symptoms of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and Obesity?

              To keep your energy up.

Are you drinking too much coffee?

Finding comfort in Sugar, Salt and high Fat foods, this includes drive-thru foods?

Is there more take-out in your refrigerator than wholesome meals?

Corporate FITT Retreats Velocity Athletic Training
Corporate FITT Retreats

The Itinerary. We can tailor a retreat for you. Simply just ask!

Corporate FITT Retreats Velocity Athletic Training
Corporate FITT Retreats

Are you consistently running out of time or running around against time? As well as finding no time for leisure activities with family and friends?

Corporate FITT Retreats Velocity Athletic Training
Corporate FITT Retreats Velocity Athletic Training

Welcome to Corporate FITT Luxury Retreats!

Corporate FITT Retreats are tailored to service the Corporate Professional whose day is bombarded with appointments, important meetings and the desire to continuously succeed, day after day!

The purpose of a Luxury Retreat is to escape the daily grind, release stress, learn how to implement a fitness program into your hectic lifestyle complimented with a nutrient dense meal plan and much more!

Three day luxury weekend Itinerary (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) includes -

  • Welcome Package
  • Nutrient Dense Buffet Meals
  • Outdoor Hiking
  • Meditation
  • Workshops
  • Fitness Classes
  • Aqua-Fit Classes
  • Journal
  • Spa Services
  • Five Star Hotels  (Applies to Tropical One Week Retreats Contact Layla  for more details)
  • Local Island Retreats (Within BC Three Day Retreats. Clients from Eastern Canada local Retreats will be one week in duration  -  Contact Layla for more details)
  • Leisure Time
  • Ongoing Support and One Month Personal Training Package Included
  • Farewell Party!

 We work hand in hand with our travel provider, Gem Liggins of Marlin Travel to ensure the best possible service. Want to get away for longer than three days? Contact us! We will design an unforgettable retreat.

                                  **Minimum group of 10 persons to register** 

                 **Corporate FITT Luxury Retreat prices start at $3,000/person**                                                           Travel and Accommodation not included.

                                     50%  Non-refundable deposit is required.


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