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Welcome to Velocity Athletic Training! Thank you for visiting. You have come here for a reason – To become FIT. STRONG. SLEEK. And to maintain your Health and Well-being! I have trained clients from all walks of life – from Beginner, Corporate to Semi Pro Athletes, as well as clients with Cancer, Heart Attack Patients and Post Rehab. I tailor each training session to the uniqueness of each client’s ability, body type, nutritional intake, as well as emotional and psychological barriers.
I have been employed by large fitness chains and worked for corporate entities as well as Private. In my thirty year+ career, I have taken the step to become an entrepreneur, thus Velocity Athletic Training was created with a vision to provide 1:1 Personal Training Services in a Private, Professional and Safe Environment. My clients are number one, they have all my attention thus your 1:1 session at Velocity Athletic Training is by appointment only and completely confidential. Other services include, Outdoor Conditioning classes, rain or shine, we tackle the elements!
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“ Clients always guess that I’m ten years younger than my actual age. They are surprised when I tell them my real age! The message here is – Age is no barrier to leading an Athletic Lifestyle! If I can do it, so can YOU!"   Layla
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Wouldn't it be great to get away from the daily grind and stress of work? If you've answered yes, then you're in need of a Corporate FITT Retreat!

This is a three day retreat which will nurture your Corporate Spirit through de-stressing exercises - Yoga, Pilates and Breathe work. Spa services which include facials and or massages. Indoor/Outdoor Conditioning Programs to further assist you in achieving optimal health. Run/Walk Trail, Boxing classes, Strength Training, Endurance Training. Healthy Meals and Shakes included!


 Outdoor Conditioning Classes guaranteed to energize and move your body, mind and spirit!

Utilizing what Mother Nature has provided, hills, trails, rocks and man made equipment - park benches, steps, track and field. My classes are designed with not only your body in mind but also your goals. Outdoor Conditioning Classes will guarantee weight-loss, challenges, energy, fun, better eating habits. You will tackle the outdoor elements! This will strengthen you and your outlook on life, as there is no giving up allowed in these classes. You will feel the difference!

VAT Training Room offers luxury 1:1 Personal Training in a Clean, Professional and Safe environment. I created VAT Training Room with the intention that each client experiences their full potential. Whether you're a beginner or Avid Athlete, VAT Training Room was designed to  ensure that each client utilizes more of their body as opposed to mainly machines. Functional Training is key to achieving Strength, Speed, Stamina! My training programs guarantee to have you - Get up. MOVE. Unleash Your Inner Athlete!


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